Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

Are you here looking for the best bernina sewing machine reviews? The Bernina is the brand to choose. We dictate this brand due various key points. First, it focuses on making the best sewing machines that convey a traditional sewing sensation, creative design, and execution.

Second, their machines are made with today's technology to meet the needs of every sewer. Moreover, their main aim is to offer high-quality sewing machines and to maintain their outstanding market strength. In addition, quality, and uniqueness of the machine are proved with what they present to market!

So, with this brand, you get exactly what you paid for and not like other brands out there! They sell the perfect combination of Swiss quality, familiar feel, and driving performance. In this Bernina, sewing machine review, get to know of its best products.

Bernina Sewing Machine Comparison

Our Best Pick
Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine
Bernina 350 PE
19.5 x 17 x 15 in
19.5 x 17 x 15 in
Shipping Weight : 22 pounds
Shipping Weight : 27.8 pounds
Speed : 820 SPM
Speed : 900 SPM
Our Best Pick
Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine
19.5 x 17 x 15 in
Shipping Weight : 22 pounds
Speed : 820 SPM
Bernina 350 PE
19.5 x 17 x 15 in
Shipping Weight : 27.8 pounds
Speed : 900 SPM

5 Best Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews 2020

1. Bernette 38 sewing machine

Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine

Second on the list is the Bernette 38 sewing machine. This is the affordable top model in the Bernette line of sewing machines with a wide range of capacities.

Top quality

First, the Bernette 38 is the top model in the Bernette arrangement. This computer-controlled sewing machine offers a wide range of services at an affordable cost.

Excellent features

It accompanies 394 different stitches, and this includes the stretch stitch for soft fabrics. Additionally, the Bernette 38 has eight different single-step buttonholes and three letters in the order.

Also, it has a storage facility that lets you store different mixes of examples and access them in the not-too-distant future. More so, the Bernette 38 has a valuable speed control, which can be adjusted directly on the presentation.

Affordable machine 

So if you were looking for something affordable, then this is the model for you. The Bernina 38 Swiss Designed appeals to a cheaper, high-quality computer model, with which you can let all your sewing work from the sky.

Versatile machine 

You can achieve a variety of projects applying the model, which comes with 394 different stitches, and 8 different buttonholes with a feed. It is a promising machine.

Inbuilt memory

More so, this model also has a memory alternative that helps you preserve sample mixes that you can access at any point you want.

Likewise, it contains a speed slider that you can undoubtedly set as per your needs. It cannot beat that!  

Let's outline some of the pros and cons of this quality model.


  • 8 different one-button buttonholes
  • Three letter sets & Inbuilt memory
  • Computerized model with 394 different stitches
  • Affordable & Speed Control


  • Not for amateurs
  • Heavy

2. Bernette 35 sewing machine

Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine

If the above models are expensive for you, we have a more acceptable option for you. It is non-other than the Bernina 35 Swiss Design. This mechanical machine comes with a lot of excellent things. Read more, to discover about them.

Excellent features and accessories 

The model comes with 23 stitches and 7 sewing feet.  The other features include, the Two-level foot lift, stitch length that is adjustable and width buttonhole that is automatic .Also, it comes with 7 presser feet, and a total of 23 utility stitches as well as decorative stitches.

So, with your Bernette 35 you get seven sewing feet and a sturdy presser foot. You can choose the right presser foot for everything you want to sew

Easy to operate machine

The width, length and stitch example are effectively adjusted by turning the three handles.  

Moreover, the Bernette 35 has an automatic one-step buttonhole work that is quick and easy to use. More so, the automatic buttonhole allows you to quickly and effectively sew expert buttonholes.

For sure, with the Bernette 35 you can quickly and easily sew buttonholes in your company. You do not have to lift the needle or change the settings on your machine. Your sewing machine automatically sews each of the four levels of the buttonhole.

Faster and effective machine 

Regardless of the one-step buttonhole work and the 23 utility and decorative stitches, the Bernette 35 also has a manual needle threader and a manual thread former, making it faster and more effective at sewing.

Furthermore, this model features an automatic buttonhole selection that is quick and easy to use. So you can drill expert buttonholes in no time, without having to spend too much effort!

Storage space

The extra box of your Bernette 35 offers enough space for sewing utensils.

Flexible machine

The thread pressure is adjustable. That means you can change it while sewing with the easily accessible wheel. Also, Stitch example, length, and width are adjustable!

In any case, no machine is faultless. Here learn more about its cons and pros.


  • 23 stitches can allow variety artistry
  • 7 sewing feet for your comfort
  • Affordable machine
  • Adjustable thread strain
  • Adjustable stitch design, length & width


  • The buttonhole skips stitches sometime
  • Not computer controlled


3. Bernina 530 sewing and quilting machine

No products found.

First, the BERNINA 530 features a wide collection of decorative and utility stitches.

More so, the stitch width and length as well as 11 different needle positions can be adjusted independently. Moreover, they can be stored either temporarily or permanently in the memory of the 530.

The BERNINA 530 is thus able to handle a wide range of errands and provides you with the ideal power for your sewing projects.

The stitch parameters can be independently adjusted to the fabric and the expected effect. So, you generally get the best results when sewing and quilting.

Easy to use

The easy-to-read BERNINA 530 control board provides quick access to all stitch examples and settings. These include counter and mirror capacity, manual, or automatic buttonhole, and much more.  

Suitable for your work

For sure, the model that deserves your time and consideration is the Bernina 530 sewing and quilting machine. It offers a variety of exclusively adjustable ornamental and utility stitches. More so, it is exceptional compared to other available sewing machines as it can handle various larger projects.

Flexible machine 

Regardless of what you throw on it, the 530 adjusts to the requirements! Stitch width, length, and needle positions are also adjustable. In addition, there are 11 different needle positions.

Good results

The adjustable stitch parameters allow you to work on your projects and achieve the optimum result.

Here learn more about its pros and cons.


  • You can shift to Manual or automatic buttonhole
  • It is a Flexible, down to earth and smart machine
  • Automatic buttonhole with one feed
  • Bernina punctuation control
  • Optimal stitch control


  • It has no double feed and does not accompany a mobile foot

4. Bernina 350 PE

Bernina 350 PE

As you've probably seen, we just looked at the best items from this brand. The 350PE is one of them. It includes an automatic buttonhole work, an extension table, and a memory alternative. Also, it includes a wide stitch library and full-leg presser feet.

Large work area

The expansion table provides you with a larger work area that gives you the ideal control at the end of your project and easy sewing. More so, the automatic buttonhole capacity allows you to sew openings of exactly the same length, while the memory selection yields 30 memory areas.

Durable machine

If you need something solid that will last for a while, then this is the model for you. It is an excellent among the available sewing machines that highlight 115 stitches for each circumstance.

Easy to use machine

With the BERNINA 350 PE automatic buttonholing, it is easy to sew buttonholes. More so, the preset buttonhole length is stored in inbuilt memory and you can sew buttonholes as often as you like.

Advantageously, the BERNINA 350 PE takes care of sewing of indistinguishable buttonholes.

With the BERNINA 350 PE, broken lower threads or buttonholes of different lengths are relics of bygone days.  

Anyway, similar to the rest of the Bernina units on our Bernina, sewing machine review, this also has cons.


  • Extending table & Bright LCD
  • Permanent memory selection
  • Extensive stitch library
  • Automatic buttonhole work
  • Presser feet with full shank
  • Durable and effective


  • Costly compared to its counterparts

5. Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine

No products found.

The last machine in this our Bernina, sewing machine review is the 33 Swiss Design! It has a sharp and current structure. In addition, you will find that it is ideal for inventive projects, especially if you are new to sewing. It is one of the least difficult Bernina sewing machines for apprentices.

Excellent features and accessories

It offers uncomplicated grips for all sewing settings. More so, five different sewing feet accompany the machine. Also, you get a huge beautification box, a self-loading threader, a manual thread trimmer, coil bars, basic work handles, and a sturdy presser foot stock are included.

Easy to use machine

The selfloader threader of the Bernette 33 eliminates all problems when threading your needle. Confused threading is a relic of yesteryear, as the threaded seizes the thread and pulls it through the opening of the needle. This means that the Bernette 33 is set up at lightning speed - and you can start your innovative sewing project.

No matter how it is a new sewing machine   on the market, it also has pros and cons. We should look at them together and decide if this is the model, you should buy!


  • Stack the buttonhole at the front
  • Utility stitches in four steps
  • 14 patterns & 15 sewing speed
  • 860 stitches per moment


  • High price
  • Expensive to maintain

Things to consider when selecting for your bernina sewing machine

Before you start your search, you should consider your sewing status. How experienced are you? There is a serious difference in the complexity of machines, ranging from basic to fiddly versions. To choose what meets your needs, consider the below aspects.

The user

Is it correct to say that you are buying a sewing machine for yourself? In this case, consider your sewing background. More so, is it correct to say that you are a beginner, or advanced?

This is the most important aspect that you have to thick about when buying the best sewing machine. This one aspect can help to determine what to spend, brand, size, stitch alternatives, and so forth.


The prices of a sewing machine differ considerably. You should consider your financial limit before you begin your request. If you have a limited spending plan, it is probably unimaginable at this time to manage the cost of the machines of very good quality. For instance, there are two main rating systems:

• Machines for light to medium machine cost cheaper. This is an exceptionally tough guide. Also, you need to consider how many extra highlights you may need.

• Medium to heavy duty machinery can cost relatively expensive. This in turn relies on additional highlights.

More so, a decent household sewing machine should have the option to give you long, solid, and great help. So, it is imperative that you choose the best sewing machine in your spending limit to avoid mistakes.

Keep in mind that, besides you having a limited budget, it probably will not be the best plan to settle on a modest plastic machine. It will not last, and it can keep you from sewing from the inside out.  

The project

A sewing machine must be fit for your project. It makes no sense to buy a promising, effective sewing machine to sew your new high-performance window trim pieces. It does not happen and you will be disappointed and irritated.

So, whether beginner or professional, it is essential to buy a sewing machine with the highlights you want. Keep track of how thick the thickest piece of cloth you'll ever use the machine will be. If you need to achieve projects quickly, then chose a more robust machine.

More so, think about your sewing needs, and it will always help you figure out what to look for when buying a sewing machine.

Level of expertise

If you are new to the sewing game, you need to consider this aspect! Sewing is a great way to express innovation. From making your own clothes and housewares to high-end gifts, sewing has a lot of excitement.

However, amateurs by and large need a machine with a substantial stitch circumference. So, think about what you need to sew. It does not matter if it's just a matter of bigger projects, despite what you need for a decent machine. It has to be able to adapt to different fabric loads. Also, the machine must have all the capacities and highlights for your various projects.

Frequency of use

This is also another important point to think about. If you only start sewing, you can use your machine most of the time. However, with increasing experience and dependency, you can use your machine step by step. In this way, you must consider how often you will use the machine temporarily and in the future.

Be uncomplicated with you. If you are someone who only occasionally gets the machine out; There is no need to refuel clothing, repair or weave resources into a limitlessly expensive machine.

If it turns out you need stitching - trust us, it will be effective - you will use it regularly at this point. The choice of a solid machine with a metal frame inside is perfect for you and despite the project quite justified. Purchasing and the expected cost management is the best approach.


Sewing machines are usually associated with a number of additional attachments. These can range from a few and essentially up to hundreds! It is important to check which ports are standard on your computer and which you can purchase independently if needed.

Noise level

Okay, that may seem like a senseless, practically negligible reflection, but it's critical. Many people do not consider this attribute when buying a sewing machine. But think it over. If you end up with a noisy device at this point, it can affect how often you use it.

Most sewers only find time to sew at night and in their extension. So you would not want to settle for a spot where sewing is full of a jackhammer noise sounds in your house!

When choosing your machine, make sure that you really test the capacity before you receive it, so you can really judge how loud, or quiet it is


Also, this is an aspect to consider. For sure, if to be a decent or even exceptional sewer, all you need is a cross stitch and a straight stitch. These are available in different designs, styles, widths, and lengths.

Moreover, you can find a machine, which has multiple runoff choices. These might include various shapes, layouts, styles, widths, and lengths. They might look incredible. However, will you be going to use them? In fact, even the master-chasms sometimes move away from the familiar straight-stitch or cross-stitch.


We all know the huge, popular sewing machine brands that are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Bernina, singer, brother, and Janome are among the inventors in the industry. But which is the best sewing machine brand?


There are also different types of sewing machines. These includes

Electronic Sewing Machines - These work with a single motor that sends electrical signal to move the needle. Feet work on the machine so that hands can move the fabric. This type of machine is perfect for home sewing.

Computer-controlled sewing machines – It is an easy to use for the two tenderfoots and experienced seamstresses. More so, it is extremely flexible and controls the various activities of the gadget with just a few engines. This includes speed control, needle capacity, and automatic lock. Incredibly accurate and can retain previous projects and download designs online when linked to a PC

Overlockers - a completion machine used for cuts and creases. Also, you have decorative seams to choose from. An incredible addition  that makes the machine be able to sew a fold, polish the edge and cut off too much fabric


Especially if you buy a new sewing machine made of plastic, these machines can be incredibly difficult to learn. With so many different highlights built into the plans of sewing machines, you will have serious difficulties learning the intricate details of a machine by simply using it. Different manufacturers have different methods to show their customers the best way to use their machines.

More so, the most advanced machines often come with learning guides to give you the best opportunity to make specific examples, make specific engravings, and use the sewing machine appropriately.

Furthermore, the more structured machine is regularly supplied with DVDs or manuals that you can read to learn more about the sewing machine and most of its highlights.

So, if you need to improve as a sewer, adjusting new things is the ideal approach to doing so. That's why, there is no doubt you need to examine the methods the manufacturer uses to show their customers how to use their machines, with the goal of achieving something that fits your learning style


If you want a new sewing machine, you will undoubtedly need to check the controls on the unit to make sure they meet your standards. If you are a sewer with drive, you should try to find something with a presentation so you can switch between the different alternatives built into the sewing machine.

On powered sewing machines, you can see for the most part shows, which can be operated by touchscreen or by pressing a button. If you have something on the screen with a touch screen or a kind of screen, you can expect to see individual stitches gradually available, and even things like weaving and text styles that you can read while labeling. The more highlights and structures are built into a machine, the more extravagant the unit will be by and large.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

Do I have to buy a sewing machine?

Regardless of whether you are an astute seamstress or an old ace, you should use a sewing machine. Buying a sewing machine is an energizing speculation. It's usually expensive, but it guarantees a lot of fun, ingenuity and, who knows, possibly another calling.

In this sense, it is crucial to weigh the benefits of buying machine and you will find that they are many.

How much should I spend on Bernina sewing machine?

As you've probably seen, most Bernina sewing machines do not cost much. If you are going to buy something from this brand, you are willing to pay more than you would normally do for a sewing machine. Nevertheless, you should also adjust to the best background when sewing.

Despite the fact that this brand offers items starting at $ 700, they promise quality, coverage, and effectiveness against the cost you paid. As mentioned before, a cheaper machine costs around $ 700, while an expensive Bernina sewing machine can cost over $ 2,000.

All in all, everything depends on the type of machine you need. This is the reason why you need to ask yourself if you need a section plane sewing machine or something more progressive. Regardless of the type of sewing machine you consider necessary, our review article has something for everyone.

Make a point to also read and understand this Bernina, sewing machine review that will empower you in making the decision of the best machine.


as we conclude we let you know that you should consider this Bernina, sewing machine review, otherwise you will have to shop twice! Make sure you buy your machine from the right dealers and retailers.

Also, keep in mind that the machine is just as important as the brand. In any case, it is better to buy the best make with the low finish than with the high-end finish of a regular brand. There are many sewing machine models, so make sure you do your research.

All in all, we disingenuously hope that this review has helped you! If so, do not hesitate to share this article with someone you love so they also buy the best product.

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