Best Upholstery Sewing Machine

Best Upholstery Sewing Machine

At a point in time while sewing, you might feel like getting the leather materials under the needle. It is a troublesome assignment due to the harshness of the texture. This is one such project which can be done using sewing machines for leather. The vast majority of these machines are fit for sewing leather.

We would bring to notice on machines that can deal with upholstery work. You should find reviews on the best sewing machines in the market for upholstery work. We additionally have a few bits of knowledge that will guide you before purchasing a sewing machine.

Our Best Pick

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine
  • Updated with LED lights and one pedal operation
  • 1500 SPM for quilting apparel and home décor
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Aluminum die cast arm and bed for low vibration operation
  • Extension table included for wide work area

What kind of sewing machine do you need for upholstery

A few upholsterers set their machines up with broadened tables for moving huge activities. While others have their machine on wheels so it tends to be moved around. You’ve to take note of the uncommon features of a sewing machine which makes it suitable for your upholstery work.

You’re going to need a machine that can sew quickly since the speed will be your companion sometime in the future. Most modern machines have a straightforward grip engine. They can be somewhat amazing, hard to control, particularly when you’re new. Don’t worry you’ll get acclimated. However, a servo engine will enable you to modify the speed of your machine.

The WALKING FOOT must be incredible as well. This is a minor mechanical wonder that attempts to pull all that texture forward with each cycle of the foot. I also have a solid inclination for bobbins that get loaded from the top.

5 Best Upholstery Sewing Machine Comparison

10 Best Upholstery Sewing Machine Reviews 2020

1. JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Top and Bottom Feed

JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Top and Bottom Feed Sewing Machine

I am full-time furniture and interior designer. All I needed to do is set my own up in a locally situated business. I proposed the business idea of sewing leather or fabric covers to her and she concurred. We read a few surveys before buying. Subsequent to getting it, it took my wife and me about seven days to get it totally set up, as the manual is very unclear about assembling it and written in specialized English.

My husband has additionally sewn everything from vinyl to bind on it. So as to change from lighter to heavy materials. I use to assist her by adjusting the position of the take-up lever screw on the facade of the machine using a flat-head screwdriver. I adore it! It does what her previous home sewing machine won’t do! Thus, I rank it with 5-stars! They responded to be my purchase and transported this to me quickly.

This machine is a genuine work-horse and sews medium to heavy materials effectively. I think this machine is an extraordinary purchase for any individual who is hoping to sew medium to heavy weight materials and it is a machine that is easy to work with.


☑️ It works with quick speeds and also has fast reverse stitch speed.

☑️ Capacity to sew equitably and to make appropriate buttonholes.

☑️ А box feeds framework and accompanies with a convenient work table.

☑️ Solid penetrating force and best stitch selection.


🚫 Some clients experience difficulty with bobbin winding while using this product.

2. JUKI DDL8700H High-speed Lock-stitch

JUKI DDL8700H High-speed Lock-stitch Sewing Machine for Heavy Material DDL-8700H- Head Only

It took me some time to start my sewing task and the machine sat in its container for quite a while. This was on the grounds that it doesn’t have a walking foot. Be that as it may, when I was prepared, I set it on a table, turned it on, put the bobbin, and strung it with thread.

Being an amateur on a sewing machine, I read a great deal to make the machine work the manner in which it should work. When I made sense of that, the machine performed up to my desires and did precisely what a sewing machine was intended to do. It worked flawlessly! It functions admirably on a wide range of materials. I am as of now working with a fine ahimsa silk texture and the machine handles it easily.

I’m satisfied with everything including its benefit and cost. Except for disappointment from the little needle gaps that you need to put the string through. All things considered, the provided needle can be used to sew canvas and leather, even if they are thick. It is a solid machine and serves me well with my everyday sewing. I recommend it for your next buy.


☑️ The machine very powerful and durable during and after use

☑️ It conveys an amazing sewing speed and its huge arm space is incredible for sewing sleeves and sleeves


🚫 The machine can’t work well with a light texture. It will probably harm it

3. SINGER | Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

Singer | Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine with 11 Built-in Stitches, Metal Frame and Stainless Steel...

It is a truly decent machine, yet I have had some minor issues with it. I sew consistently and needed an option that is superior to all plastic and novice machine. I’d been using it for quite a long time. My rivals are utilizing computerized machines solely for as long as 8 years. I got the 4411, and I sincerely lament not getting the following model.

However, it’s been working out fine. It operates quietly, and it is easy to control the speed with the foot pedal. However not as simple as an electronic machine. I’m simply trusting its strength compensates for the average features. I preferred that the working parts and frame of this machine are made of metal.

However, after the sort and measure of utilization I’ve put it through, I discovered that it skips lines frequently while I’m using the right needle and settings. I’m not sure if it is necessary to take it to a machine mechanics shop since it was anything but an over the top expensive machine which is durable. In any case, however, it has served me well since I’ve had it. I really recommend this product to execute your next upholstery project.


☑️ It has a strong and powerful motor.

☑️ It operates at 1100 stitches per minute.

☑️ You’ll get value for your money.

☑️ It is simply heavy duty with amazing performance.


🚫 It is a little loud while using it.

🚫 It has no automatic needle thread which makes work harder.

4. Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch

Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, K.D table & Servo Motor DIY

This unique machine for upholstery doesn’t accompany guidelines on the best way to erect it. My competitor in business who bought it a year ago discovered that it takes about an entire day to assemble. Juki ought to have an installation DVD and supplied with the box after purchase. Despite the fact my companion had trouble while assembling it, my sibling and Dad had the technical sense to assemble it.

A major THANKS to them, they truly found it very easy to amass. I’ve been using it for over 7 months and I found that it was easy to operate with. It is a heavy duty machine as its design is essentially made out of metal. This machine is exactly what I was searching for. The machine works incredible and is amazing.

It works unobtrusively with the servo engine. It operates quietly in contrasted with the previous models I’ve worked with. At first, I had a little issue as the bobbin string kept batching up. I played with the setting however then chose to attempt another bobbin, rather than the one that came in the machine. That later one worked and it has been sewing extraordinary for a while now.


☑️ It is made of servo motor which makes it a durable and quiet unit.

☑️ It requires little or no assembly and has high speed during usage.


🚫 It is difficult to move around because it is relatively heavy

🚫 It is supplied without instructions

5. TechSew 2750 Cylinder Walking Foot Industrial

TechSew 2750 Cylinder Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor

Subsequent to having read more than enough reviews and based on people’s reports on this machine. I became interested in this specific product. This machine was acquired in October 2016 as a Christmas present for my wife. She has been sewing basic stitches for quite a long time. The machine was acquired principally for sewing denim and canvas.

She has used the nylon string in the bobbin along with a top thread. For the cash this is a remarkable machine, I have likewise sewn through collapsed multilayer seams with no issue. My group of specialists in the workplace requested for this product. I got them the product and they have likewise used it for sewing leather products, like, upholstery, wallets, vests, satchels, saddlebags, packs, belts, coats, chaps, and vessel covers.

Be that as it may, I will warn that when sewing through the creases on the pants, you should use the hand handle to help the puncturing of the joined seams to kick it off. This will diminish the strain on the electric engine to guarantee a long life. I think this machine is an incredible purchase for any individual who is hoping to sew medium to heavy weight materials.


☑️ It is handy and simple to use for beginners.

☑️ A real heavy duty machine that sews through thicker materials

☑️ Warranty is available

☑️ It is supplied from Techsew with good customer service.


🚫 It can be stressful because it is hand driven.

🚫 Low efficiency compared to cost.

6. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor

I read more than enough reviews on this item and I chose to simply inquiry the machine name and model. I bought it and discovered everything was supplied to begin sewing, including bobbins, thread holders, and so on. Likewise, some great quality instruments were included. In spite of the fact that the Machine isn’t completely assembled. I trust it will be a decent working machine when I get it assembled.

Thank the stars for those people that have posted some guide on YouTube. In spite of that, just be cautioned, a portion of the directions are not right. On the off chance that you are precisely disposed, you will make sense of it. If not, I would propose you contact a supplier that can assemble it for you. I comprehend that Consew moved their assembling location to China some time back. It is by all accounts a strong machine.

I normally hinder the speed for sewing heavy materials. The servo engine that accompanied this set is unreasonably quick for me. So I chose to introduce another pulley reducer system. Besides that, I’m happy with the buy. My machine ran flawlessly and I’ve been using this machine for a year now.


☑️ It is a very high-speed industrial sewing machine.

☑️ It is perfect for upholstery works as it can sew thin to heavy weight materials.

☑️ When placed on an even surface, it has low vibration and noise.

☑️ It is easy to use because it comes as a complete unit.


🚫 I don’t know why it is difficult to understand and follow the owner’s manual.

🚫 It can vibrate during use if placed on an uneven surface.

7. TechSew 2750 PRO Leather Walking Foot Industrial

TechSew 2750 PRO Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor

I had my eye on this machine for at least 5 years before I bought it. I am completely interested in this machine! I have had another sort for essential sewing throughout the previous 8 years. I purchased this machine subsequent to having issues with the other machine. I waited for some months using a couple of machines before choosing to acquire this.

When I got it, I found that the noise was so negligible, it doesn’t vibrate around the table when I sew at high speeds. I stressed over not having the speed control on the past model. The foot control is great on this and I needn’t have stress while using it; I can go any speed easily. I quilt ordinary and my old machine simply wasn’t made to sew heavy fabrics which lead to overheating, broken needles.

Goodness! I have not discovered this machine confinement. It sews through everything like a fantasy. It really makes me feel in charge. The string cutting works incredibly. The knee lifter switch serves as help as well, despite the fact that I don’t use it consistently in light of the fact that I have 3 juniors at home who are interested.


☑️ It is an incredible purchase for business purpose.

☑️ It is basically strong.


🚫 It is expensive compared with others.

8. JUKI TL 2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

Having read all customers' reviews, my healthy gratitude goes to the majority of the past purchasers and users. I lastly ended up to obtained this machine. I've had this machine for a month and I adore it. I was lucky that it was supplied with the manual.

When you purchase this item and there is no manual. You CAN download the manual on the Juki site, which I did before buying just to perceive what's going on with everything. I REALLY LOVE this machine! Anticipating my foot learning not to lean too hard on the grounds that this machine sews FAST, however, you can hear gears been changed by the clutch. You can, in any case, lay your foot on it without it cutting.

The heel needs to snap back solidly to cut. In any case, in the event that you unintentionally cut the string, essentially begin sewing once more. Indeed, threading the machine was somewhat precarious, yet using the manual and instinct made me figured out how to make sense of it. I have to discover some silicone splash for the throat and expansion table, yet I have no bad things to say up until now. Strong foot pedal.


☑️ This machine accompanies a knee lifter which is another extraordinary help

☑️ It is a top quality machine produced with metal body

☑️ It has great free movement stitching capacity.

☑️ It is ready to coast through layers of texture easily.


🚫 A few clients have said they would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see a crisscross fasten on this machine.

🚫 The programmed stringing of the needle is difficult to work out.

🚫 Necessities oiling each time it is used.

9. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 18 Built-In Stitches + Hard Case

I've for the longest time been learning how to sew and at different occasions I've attempted with wife's machines. However, there would come a time when the machine just wouldn't sew through the heavy textures that I needed to sew. I chose to get myself another machine, and subsequent to reading a lot of reviews, I purchased this one and I did not regret it.

It is so natural to operate! I cherish the capacity compartment for the different connections. It takes around two seconds to change a pressure foot. This machine is by all accounts very competent to deal with the harder occupations. You simply must be cautious with unexpected changes in thickness. One of the extraordinary features of this machine is the manual.

It's, in reality, enormous and simple to read. It doesn't blend the major languages into one book and the pictures are valuable even to old folks like me. I usually do the majority of my work by hand. Sometimes I do choose to attempt the visually impaired trim accessible on the machine when completing a lot of curtains. It turned out delightfully, and obviously, took a small amount of the time. I recommend this product.


☑️ It effectively creates stitches that are neat.

☑️ All settings are effectively open and give exact control to the user, which is actually what you need from a sewing machine.

☑️ The electronic foot control is perfect when you're working with thicker fabrics.

☑️ There is no issue in exchanging between light and heavier materials.


🚫 The supplied cord on the foot pedal is somewhat short.

🚫 The inherent lighting system is of fairly lesser quality.

10. Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches

After much research, I later decided to purchase this machine. I've had this sewing machine for a year now and have been using it relentlessly for three months. I'm a fashion graduate that works every day. So far it has served me well and I have finished two projects for my regular customer. I used it to sew thousands of sacks in the two projects.

It is simply the best mechanical machine for people who sew at home. It's moderate and has enough features that make it the appropriate machine for sewing heavy materials. I also use it when I need an extremely decent straight line. It's been my experience that front stacking bobbin machines give the best straight stitch. I truly like this machine and it is supplied along with a hard case for easy maintenance.

This machine was not difficult to assemble and I have effectively tried it out on denim and it had no issues! The machine is easy to use and is all around manufactured. I additionally valued that the provided manual because it was straightforward!  I anticipate numerous years with this machine and I recommend this machine to anybody! It merits spending the cash on!


☑️ It is light and quiet during operation, which is one of the significant features know with this product.

☑️ It accompanies a wide scope of adornments that you will undoubtedly discover valuable


🚫 It might not be easy for beginners to operate it.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Sewing Machine For Upholstery

It is hard to locate the ideal sewing machine in light of the fact that there are such a large number of various models promptly accessible nowadays. With this purchasing guide, we’re here to enable you to move your way through these machines and to clear up any disarrays so you’re not lost on any details, as you intend to buy the best sewing machine for upholstery.

Picking the appropriate Upholstery Sewing Machine may look as simple as doing a single round of window shopping and settling on what catches the eye or meets the budget. Practically, things are not as simple as that particularly if you are up to getting the value of your money. This is so especially with various brands available in the market.

Indeed, they at least have something to offer to the buyer: from quality Upholstery sewing machines that can get the job completed and assist you to get the desired results to low-quality Upholstery sewing machines that break down fast.

How should you choose the upholstery sewing machine? Typically, a genuine industrial Upholstery sewing machine ought to sew through any heavy thick material and fabric you need to handle like leather, denim and more. Because of this, you will require a sewing machine with a walking foot. However, there are other considerations you need to make.


Sewing machines can be classified into five sorts: mechanical, embroidery, electric, overlock, and computerized sewing machine. Mechanical sewing machines have essential settings and must be utilized physically by the client. Embroidery machines are best for various examples of weaving and can even be utilized for modern purposes. Electronic sewing machines have a bigger number of features than mechanical sewing machines and have mechanized capacities. Overlock sewing machines are used to create a unique texture. Computerized machines are high innovation machines that can even be associated with the web. All have specific features to benefit from.


The most significant element to have in a sewing machine for upholstery is the best motor in the engine. The amazing engine that accompanies a heavy-duty model is intended to deal with the outstanding burden that accompanies working with heavier and thicker upholstery textures. What’s more, they additionally have the advantage of being far less inclined to overheating. This will make your project simpler to execute.


When working with heavier textures, note that having a sewing machine with a strong design and a decent piece of weight to it helps a great deal. With the additional weight that accompanies the features of heavy machines, makes it a lot simpler to sustain the texture through the machine without worrying that the weight of the texture will move your sewing machine about.

High Lift Presser Foot

Another basic element of a sewing machine for upholstery is a presser foot with an additional high lift. This fundamentally implies you can change the tallness of the presser foot which enables thicker materials to be easily passed through it. Because of upholstery textures been normally significantly thicker than most different textures, you will more than likely battle on the off chance that you purchase a machine that does not have this element.


A standout amongst the most significant things to recollect when taking on an upholstery venture is to take as much time as is needed and to prepare well. As of now referenced upholstery textures can get be purchased expensively, for this reason, care must be taken while working.

It merits referencing that heavy sewing machines can sew at an unfathomably quick pace with many achieving velocities of 1000+ stitches per minute. When sewing machines are sewing that quick it just takes a little weight on the foot pedal to build speed significantly, which thusly can be all around exorbitant in the event that you are not cautious.

These components can impact your decision and are essential as you intend to buy the best sewing machine for upholstery.


For durability and longevity of the usage of your machine, you should consider buying one made of metal, as opposed to the plastic or wood. If your house can accommodate, you may need to go for a heavier, bigger one since it has the capacity to stitch thick fabric without any problem. If your home however cannot accommodate the larger one, you may also go for the small upholstery machine.

Stitching speed

Generally, a fast stitching machine would be ideal for you. You could by now be aware that fast stitching machines are heavier too due to the nature of the work that it handles. The heavier the machine, the better it is in handling thick fabric. It is also good to note that there are lighter versions of the machine that are high speed as well.

The power 

Upholstery sewing machines for industrial purposes comes with their motor separated and attached to the body of the machine using a pulley. This pulley should be your centre of attention when you decide to buy one. The lighter model has less power as compared to the industrial model. However, not all smaller models have less power. The motor of the industrial model is has a wheel which supports movement and direction.

It is important to note that powerful machines have smaller wheel. The larger wheels seem to be faster initially but gradually and rapidly lose power when in motion.

User-Friendly Design

Indeed it is prudent to purchase the upholstery sewing machine that is not complex to use. The upholstery sewing machines have user-friendly designs that make it easy even for a beginner to begin and finish a job.

Simplistic designs and features enable you to best major on the quality of what you are sewing rather than spending much time trying to understand how to operate your machine. This typically implies that these Upholstery sewing machines are beginner-friendly. With a user-friendly design, not only does working become easy but also, repairing it after a break down is easy.


When considering buying an upholstery machine, it is important to understand the warranty period and terms of services. Different manufacturers provide different terms and period. You may need to consider one that covers the longest time. Another important feature to focus on is the availability of spares in your locality and the availability of qualified technicians. The warranty exceptions should be able to guide you to choose the best machine to purchase.

The cost

In deciding on the best machine to buy, take into consideration the features of a machine, as compared to cost. The qualities of any machine should supersede the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Top and Bottom Feed Sewing Machine assembled?

It is a walking foot machine, so it will be difficult to transport it while been assembled. It feeds the fabric from the bottom and top and requires assembly which is very easy to do.

Does JUKI DU-1181N come with Servo or Clutch as the motor?

If the motor has not been upgraded then it probably comes with a standard clutch motor. Sometimes sellers change the motor to Servo. Just take note while buying it.

If you don’t mind I need an explanation on whether somebody can sew materials like Sunbrella canvas with SINGER 4411?

The Singer model 4411 can sew light to medium weight “Sunbrella” canvas with the best possible needles and machine settings. You should ensure you utilize measure 16 or 18 Singer needles since the Sunbrella material is typically utilized as an Outdoor and Marine Fabric.

Can a normal sewing machine be used for upholstery?

Yes. It is important to understand that sewing upholstery is not a different kind of sewing, but can be done in a normal way like any other sewing, using the normal machine. Normal sewing machines however may not have much power to deal with heavy fabric that requires a specialized upholstery sewing machine. However, to make it more possible to sew thick fabric on your normal machine, you will need to use a heavy duty needle or an industrial grade needle. For perfect results, you may need to buy a handheld or even auto upholstery sewing machine.

How can I claim for warranty in case of defect or breakdown in my machine?

First of all it is important to establish what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t. Once your machine develops a defect or breaks down, inform the seller/supplier in the shortest time possible. You should always be careful not to lose your warranty card, the proof of purchase receipt and any other documentation that may be required to claim warranty.

Once you have informed the supplier, they should be able to take necessary steps within the shortest time possible to ensure that your machine is put back into operation.

How often should I replace parts in my machine?

It is not recommended that you replace parts often unless they are wearing out. You will however need a qualified technician to replace them for you. It is advisable that you carry out schedule maintenance such as oiling, replacing needles on a regular basis.

When replacing parts, always ensure that you use the recommended/manufacturer provided parts so that you may not shorten the lifespan of your machine.

I need the upholstery sewing machine in the market

Picking the best upholstery machine in the market is an uphill daunting task if you do not know what to look for and where to look for. Most of the machine brands as well as different companies offer products with almost similar features, performing similar tasks. The goodness is that this article will take you through what you need to look for before buying your machine. Not all machines however are best for everyone. What could be best for you could be worst for me. You should be able to carry out a proper market survey before settling on the machine to acquire.


Generally, the above reviews about our selected best sewing machines for upholstery and the provided guide which highlights some few points and their benefits should guide you while making your next purchase.  This include type of sewing machines, the best motor, noting that having a sewing machine with a strong design and weight, high lift presser foot consideration and time factor are necessary. If you’ve gone through those then you should be able to pick the best sewing machines for upholstery before buying. We hope you found this useful as you intend to buy. Do not forget to share if you like this.

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