Brother pe800 review

Brother PE800 Review

Are you searching for the best embroidery machine? Unfortunately, when looking for which machine to buy online can be a minefield? The reason, there are several alternatives available and some of these machines are complicated?

While you are here, everything will be simple for you. Look at our point by point Brother PE800 review. This best embroidery machine is the model you are searching for!

Besides, there are many models of Brother Embroidery machines today. However, this Brother PE800 embroidery machine will actually deliver for you!

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5" x...
  • 138 Built-in designs: Featuring 138 built-in embroidery designs...
  • 11 Built-in fonts: 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic font styles...
  • USB Port: The PE800's USB port allows you to import your embroidery...
  • Large color touchscreen: The large 3.2" inch LCD color touchscreen...
  • 5" X 7" Embroidery field: This embroidery-only machine comes with an...

What is more unique about this machine?

One unique feature, which makes this unit stand out, is the LCD touchscreen. The display gives a number of conveniences.

When you turn on the screen for the first time, you can this is what you can select using the screen.

• An embroidered pattern or flora pattern

• A character-inspired design from one of the 11 text styles

• Or an implicit edge design with entertaining outline plans

You also have other options such as

• Access saves from the machine memory.

• saved designs.

This is just a tip of an iceberg. Do you love this machine? Beside, do you want to learn more about this machine, don’t worry. We are going to share more about this machine.

Ok, let's set our boat sailing.

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5' x...

Excellent features

If you have been looking for an embroidery machine that will allow you to create amazing embroidery designs, Brother has an excellent selection. First, there are some advantageous features of the Brother PE800. We are going to look at some of these excellent features.

Automatic Thread Cutter

You can physically cut the strings by pressing the string trimming button. Besides, you can use embroidery scissors. However, you also have the option of activating the automatic thread cutter. This is another advantage of this brother machine.

Automatic Needle Threader

The automatic needle threader speeds up threading .though, it can be difficult to know how to use automatic needle threader, but you generally have the option of physically threading the needle.

Great-Set, Top-Drop Bobbin

The bobbin is effectively rotated at the highest point of the machine. Moreover, the bobbin is inserted from the highest point of the embroidery work area. The outstanding feature of a snappy bobbin is that the Brother PE800 pulls the coil string up naturally when sewing. So, you do not have to do it without help!

Automatic thread tension

After rebooting, the Brother PE800 will take every opportunity back to a programmed default string setting. Then you can correct the pressure on the LCD screen to match your needs.

After choosing the best possible pressure, you can now achieve your goals. At the point where you re-embroider the plan, the PE800 will return the load to the value used on the first pass if you restore the saved example.

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5' x...


Also, this embroidery machine includes step-by-step instructions that are displayed directly on the LCD touch screen. Part of the topics involves stringing the machine, and connecting the embroidery arm.

So, this makes the Brother PE800 embroidery machine an ideal for home sewers. Moreover, it is ideal for those looking for a fast, adaptable, and dedicated embroidery machine that they can develop with them after some time.

Easy to use

Furthermore, Setting up and stringing the Brother PE800 is VERY easy! Ultimately, Brother Sewing and embroidery machines are probably the least difficult to thread. You can find guidelines in your user manual.

More so, you can also get them in the quick start control and on the body of the machine.

Large working table 

The 5 "x 7" patch panel offers plenty of room for larger designs and lettering. More so, it is good for consolidating designs with fewer envelopes. Effectively, it consolidates some designs and lettering on the LCD shading screen and see your format before embroidering.

138 built-in embroidery designs

It contains beautiful floral, regular and kids designs. Moreover, it has 10 outlines with 14 stitch patterns.  So, with these inbuilt stiches, your goal is achievable today using this brother machine.

Super Bright Work Area

The inherent LED light provides a magnificently illuminated work area around the needle area. This is especially useful when sewing matte textures and placing different embroidery patterns in a circle.

Below, we inform you more about the pros and cons of this machine.


  • Large working area that will support many designs, patterns, and cuttings
  • You can change and customize the inbuilt designs.
  • This easy to use machine is ideal for beginners and home sewers


  • It can only do embroidery work and does little with sewing

Things to consider before Buying this sewing machine

Choosing the best embroidery machine is as important from a technical point of view as an impressive sewer. You are not sure which machine to buy? These tips will help you find the right machine on the first pass.

Depending on the model, you can use the money you spend on an embroidery machine to buy a larger piece of a decent used car. Every enormous consumption justifies an exploration. All in all, how many embroidery machines will you buy in your life?

Here are the elements to think about when choosing an embroidery machine.

The brand

In general, the name brands are for the most of great quality. Check the web journals and discussions of the manufacturers to determine customer loyalty. The biggest reward is the seller. Looking for a high-powered supplier that exceeds customer support and backing expectations. This will increase the chances that you're happy with your purchase.

Your purpose

Is it for private or commercial use? Commercial embroideries are best designed specifically for large-scale production and consistently long service lives.

Also, think about what you need to do with your embroidery machine. Additionally, think about what tools and features you should use to achieve those goals.

At this point, if you have listed some machines of different brands, you should check your checklist and make sure each machine has the features you need. Importantly, look for functions such as automatic thread cutter, pressure sensor, needle threader, etc.

Accessible functions

Certain features are essential to your individual sewing needs. This includes the automatic thread trimming, and twisting of the spool from the needle. Moreover, the pressure sensor, or the needle threader.

Throat width

Throat width is the measure of the distance between the needle and the machine body.

Most of today’s models come with a throat width. Importantly, it gives you more freedom of movement. More so, it allows the use of larger circles, and is perfect for stitches of all kinds.


Choose a machine that can both do embroidery and sewing. In this case, you can use the machine for sewing as well as embroidering. Also, it is a cost-effective way to buy a sewing machine that you can add embroidery capabilities later.

Optional accessories

Discover additional items that you can add late. These can be different presser feet, a knitting table, or connections for unusual, buy a machine that you can develop!

Embroidery designs

Most embroidery machines come with inbuilt designs.  In order to freely access the stitch settings and configuration records, your unit must have an interface link to a PC or load documents from a USB stick.


It is also crucial to think about warranty. You can also consider if there is nearby expert. Importantly, this can help save a lot of time and stress when your machine needs to be cleaned or maintained. Otherwise, you would send it to the manufacturer to repair it, which is cheap, and exorbitant. However, it is very dangerous.


Among the factors that you need to consider are whether it is easy to use or not. This does not mean that you cannot select the device for professionals with so many features and functions. To be honest, choosing a high-spec machine is a good choice, as it offers the best approach to making the machine much easier to operate.

To ensure a workable approach, this professional machine also requires a simple and faster way to use its function and emphasis. Accordingly, this type of machine is equipped with a control card on which you can use and access these functions. This thing makes it easy to use. In this way, you only have to select the professional option to get easy-to-use benefits.


Embroidery is certainly not modest. Many of these machines are special miracles. It pays to think about your budget and what features you need for your machine. However, think about the functions that you can do without it! If you are unwilling to sacrifice some of the advanced features, make sure your budget is ready!


It pays to think that embroidery machines are generally very big. So you need space for one! The purchase of a sewing and embroidery machine can save space because you do not need two machines.

However, it is ideal to have a specific space for your machine, as most models are very overwhelming. You can fight to bring them to the table in the lounge area. 


The stitch speed is also crucial. Some of the more confusing embroidery designs may contain more than 100,000 stitches. So, you will be able to work faster with a machine that can handle more stitches at a time.

No one has to buy a machine and later discover that you prefer another model. Disadvantageously, that will be the loss of money and misuse of time. However, if you have decided on a value for a brand or for a machine that you want to be able to operate, you can narrow the list of embroidery machines.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

At this moment, am very sure you are having some questions. Here, we try to answer some of the questions.

Is this machine for tenderfoot?

This machine is incredibly robust, easy to use. Moreover, it is very durable. Particularly, it is suitable for home sewers. What's more, it is a satisfactory embroidery machine for a small self-startup company.

More so, with the fact the machine accompanies some guides, it can have no challenge to newbies. Importantly, the guide is very instructive. Also, there are tons of YouTube tutorials for this famous Brother PE800 embroidery machine.

First and foremost, it is anticipation that the guides include information for trainees. So, many of the problems you might get as a newbie are all covered in the guide.

Could you import designs?

You can import designs anywhere on the web or create your designs using embroidery digitizer software.  However, import the right format.

Does it come with the software?

No, the Brother PE800 does not come with any digitization software. You have to buy your own if you need to. The cost can range from free to near the coast of the machine. I do not recommend relying on many free software options.

Given the amount of money that you have spent on the machine, it is thus your responsibility to protect and not risk it with harmful software.

Does it have some limitations?

Most importantly, Brother PE800 is a dedicated embroidery machine. That is, if you need to weave a monogram on a dress and then sew a rickshaw on the base, you will need to switch to a sewing machine. This will take up more space in your art space. This is the limitation, which it has.


As we conclude, this machine with an exceptional range of features that are practical will make your stitching quicker and more comfortable.

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