How to Change Sewing Machine Needle

How to Change Sewing Machine Needle?

Do you find yourself wondering if you can change your sewing machine needle enough? A needle is the main component that does the actual stitching. Due to various reasons, you have to change it quite often. Among them is by breakages or by getting worn out.

In this article, I am going to mention all that which you would want to know about the sewing machines. I shall highlight on how to change the needle and the precautions that you should observe. There will be some FAQs and a conclusion. Please read on for more information.

When to change the needle?

  • You need to change the needle after every three full bobbins are over.
  • Change it after every two pre-wound bobbins are complete.
  • When you finish doing a project that dulls the needle, you will need to change it.
  • If you start experiencing sewing problems.
  • When it bends or when it gets nicked.

The quality of the output will not be best if the needle is not in good shape. It is, therefore, imperative to change the needle when you notice any of the above signs and or problems.

How to Change Sewing Machine Needle

How to change the sewing machine needle?

The tool that you will need is a screwdriver. It is for removing and putting back the screw. The procedure is as follows:

  • Loosen the needle set screw. The needle should high up at the peak and not near the sewing table.
  • Using your hand, pull the needle down and out of the needle bar. Do it gently so that you do not hurt your hand. Remember that the needle is still sharp.
  • Insert a new needle. It should be similar to the old one. Push the new needle upwards in the needle bar until the butt of the needle hits the top of its compartment.
  • The treatment between industrial and domestic sewing machines is somewhat different. For the industrial sewing machine, you will need to turn the needle, so the scarf is on the same side as the hook assembly. Domestic sewing machines do not have this requirement.
  • The work is now complete. Tighten it to the screw set.
  • The screws for the needle are too tiny, and you can lose them in the process. You should, therefore, be careful when doing the replacement.

How often should I change the sewing needle?

There is no specific timeline as to when to change the needle. You can do the replacement when you notice any of the above problems.

Some people, however, love to change it at regular intervals, whether the exercise warrants it or not. It is, therefore, dependent on many factors for the replacement to happen.

The bottom line, however, is that the needle will require a replacement quite often. As long as it is in constant use, replacement is inevitable.

When doing the replacement, you should observe some care. You might either damage the needle holder or even harm yourself. If you are not sure about the process, you better get someone with experience to do the work.

Which is the procedure for fixing a broken needle?

In some cases, the needle breaks down because of the intensity of the work that it performs. Sometimes, the pressure can make it break down. Fixing it can be a challenge.

The best way to deal with such is by replacing it with a new one. You will have to follow the above procedure when doing the replacement.

How to know if the needle is blunt?

When you are using a blunt needle in the machine, you will notice that the quality of its work is poor. However, a blunt one produces a “pop-pop” or a “thud-thud sound.”

When you hear such kind of sound, then it is time to change the needle. A blunt needle will make the sewing machine work under pressure, and this may lead to damages to the machine.

A blunt needle can still serve the purpose, but it is wise to replace it as soon as you realize the problem. The sewing machine will then remain healthy.

Why does the needle keep on breaking?

The way you set up the thread can break the needle. If it does not line up with the tension discs and the thread guides, it will break up.

The reason is that the thread can tighten up and pull the eye of the needle. When it cannot take up excessive force, the needle will clip off.

If this happens, you should stop the sewing and reverse the thread. Re-thread it carefully following the correct procedure. However, you will have to replace it if it had broken. Thread it again correctly.

What is the tension of the sewing machine?

Every sewing machine has this feature. It determines how the needle operates. The sewing needle can be adjusted depending on how the tension affects it.

If the tension is too tight, you will have to adjust the tension knob to loosen it and do the exact opposite if it is too loose.

When adjusting downwards, try between ½ to 1 number below it. Follow the same procedure when adjusting it upwards.

Every time you adjust the tension, test the stitches on a piece of waste fabric. If the stitches do not look even on both sides, you will need to adjust more.

Repeat the process until when the stitches appear even on both sides. You will have achieved the right tension.

What are the effects of operating on wrong tension settings?

  • The needle will break down. It will make the operating costs of the sewing machine to be high.
  • The stitches on the fabric will not be even, hence the poor quality of work.
  • Your clients will not be satisfied with the work.
  • It will lead to wastages since you will use more thread to sew.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Why is my needle hitting the metal plate?

Some few factors can make it behave that way. They are:

  • The needle could be loose.
  • Check the needle to find out if it is bent.
  • The tension could be tight.

Under any of the circumstances, adjust or replace the needle accordingly.

Why do my needles keep bending?

The needle will bend if it finds its way to the rotating bobbin. Avoid this problem by ensuring that you insert the blade into its bar and push it to the end.

Make sure that the needle is always in its place. Avoid this problem by making sure that you insert the blade into its bar and push it to the end. Make sure that the needle is always held tightly in place.

How do you fix a bent sewing machine needle?

It is not always easy to straighten a bent sewing needle. It will be even easier to replace it, rather than fixing a bent one.

However, it is possible to straighten it again through the use of a machine. This process can only salvage a few needles whose intensity of damage is not high.


The sewing machine needle can bend easily. It depends on how you handle it. When the needle becomes bad, you will have to replace it.

The procedure of doing so is quite easy. It involves removing the old needle and replacing it with a new one. You will loosen the screw and pull down the old needle.

Insert the new one and push it to the top. Tighten it to place using a screwdriver. It is not hard!

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