How to clean sewing machine

How to Clean Sewing Machine

How to clean sewing machine? Your sewing machine needs to be cleaned on a regular basis if you want it to continue working in good conditions. Most times there are two factors that determine how frequent you clean your machine. The first factor is the kind of material that is used on the machine, while the other factor is the amount of work that is performed by the machine.

If you work with materials that shed, then it is advised that you clean your sewing machine regularly. Cleaning your machine regularly is also required if you sew often.

This article is going to help you learn how to clean your sewing machine in a safe manner. You would also learn why you should learn how to clean your machine.

Materials needed for cleaning a sewing machine

You really do not need to get a new tool kit as most of the materials that are used in cleaning a sewing machine can be easily found around the house. All you need are the right tools for the job and you are good to go.

Here is a list of the tools that are needed:

  • A small screwdriver ( This often comes with the sewing machine package)
  • A clean piece of a soft cloth
  • Two small brushes (One with stiff bristles, One with soft hair)

Procedure for cleaning your sewing machine


Start by gently removing the thread. Now use the cloth to clean and remove other dirt from the body of the sewing machine. Remove the needle and the throat plate. You might need to read the sewing machine user instruction to know how to remove the throat plate.


Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case and give it a thorough cleaning with the soft cloth. Don’t forget to clean the bobbin case too. The lint and dust bunnies under the bobbin case also need to be cleaned. You can use the screwdriver to bring up some of the cloth materials that are stuck there.


Now is the time for you to check if the sewing machine needs oil.  If you are not yet familiar with the machine, it would be great if you read the user manual. From the manual, you would know whether the sewing machine needs oil and where you are expected to oil.

After applying, work the oil in by cranking the machine’s wheel back and forth.


Clean off excess oil off the body of the sewing machine. Insert the bobbin case and throat plate back to their proper place. Put a new needle in and then your machine is ready to produce the next batch of amazing clothes.

Tips to consider when cleaning your sewing machine

  • Make sure to always read the machine’s manual
  • Cover the machine if you would not be using it for a long time
  • Don’t blow air into the machine. Blowing air would make the dust and other particle go far into the machine. This would make it harder to thoroughly clean the machine. It could also cause problems for the machine in the future
  • Clean the machine with a soft cloth on a regular basis
  • Always unplug your machine whenever you want to clean it

Why you should know how to clean your sewing machine

You get to save money

Consider that you have no idea as to how to clean your sewing machine. In fact, you do not know the warning signs that indicate that it is time to clean the machine. Eventually, you discover that your sewing machine does not function like it used to.

In your ignorance, you head over to the mechanic who would help you fix the “broken” machine. The mechanic charges you for his service when in fact all he did was to help you clean the machine. All this stress and money could have been saved if only you learn how to clean your machine.

Your sewing machine lasts longer

Your sewing machine needs to be cleaned at certain time intervals or based on the amount of work that it has done. When the cleaning is done regularly, your machine lasts longer and there would be fewer cases of it breaking down.


Learning how to clean your sewing machine the right way would prevent you from getting avoidable injuries.


Your machine needs to be cleaned regularly if you want to use it for a long time. A clean machine is also easier to work with.


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