how to hem jeans with original hem without sewing machine

How to Hem Jeans With Original Hem Without Sewing Machine

Do you have some jeans you never wear locked up in your closet because they are too long? Do you feel that you cannot adjust the jeans because you do not own a sewing machine? If you have answered yes to any of those questions then this article is totally for you.

You can hem your jeans without a sewing machine. It is very possible and you are going to learn exactly how to do it, this time without cutting out the original hem of the jeans.

Before you start, you should note that you do not necessarily have to be an expert before you learn how to hem without a machine. You would be using one of the simplest sewing methods to hem your jeans so you have nothing to worry about. The method is Backstitching.

You can quickly watch some YouTube videos to get up to speed with what backstitches look like and how you can achieve the easy stitch. By the end, you would be amazed at how simple this method of hemming can be and you would wish you could collect all the money you spent at the tailor back.

Materials you need before starting.

  • Pins
  • Needle and Thread (Make sure to use strong needles because you would be working on a jeans material)
  • A pair of excessively long jeans
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Ruler
  • Iron and ironing board

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How to go about hemming your jeans without a sewing machine

Step One: Take Measurements

You would need to try the jeans on and measure how long you want them to be. Stand on a small stool instead of the floor so that you can get the measurement right. Cuff the jeans up at the length you want them to be.

Wear the jeans after cuffing them up to make sure that it is now at a length you would not have a problem with. Iron the cuffs to make the cuffing very clear.

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Step 2: Mark the jeans

Mark the measurements on the jeans with pins or chalk. This line is where you want the ends to end.

After getting the how much you want to cut off the jeans, make a marking at half that length. What it means is that if you want to cut 2 inches off your pair of jeans, you’ll need to make a marking at 1 inch or pin the jeans at 1 inch. Do this for both legs.

The marking made at half the length should be at equal distances above and below the original hem. Using our example, it means that there should be a 1-inch line above and below the original hem of the jeans.

Step 3: fold the hem

Fold the jeans up such that the original hemline meets the line or marking that is above it. Cut off the excess material but leave just enough for fraying. Iron the folding again to make it look neat and also easier for you when you start stitching.

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Step 4: Start stitching

Stitch a line below the original hem of the jeans. The stitching should not cut through to the other side of the jeans. You are expected to stitch just the hem with the body of the jean (Two layers of jeans). Make the sewing all around the cuff.

Since you are not using a machine, try as much as possible to make the distance between the seams are equal and straight. Also, try to make this line round the cuff as close to the original seam as possible. This would make the hemming less obvious when the job is done.

Take note that the original seam is supposed to sit just above the length that you want for your jeans. Do not start stitching if this is not the case with your own jeans. Make the necessary adjustments before you start stitching. It would save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Fold the cuff back down and iron the new seam again.

There you have it; you have successfully learned how to hem a jean with original hem without using a sewing machine.

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