How to Make a Drop in Sewing table

How to Make a Drop in Sewing table

Sometimes when you are sewing the fabric, you may find that the cloth or the clothes keep on being trapped under the table. This keeps on interrupting the flow of work. It may even break the needle if you do not stop to unhook it. To avoid this problem, you have to make a drop in the sewing table. This is a simple exercise that can be carried out by anyone, so long as you know how to operate the carpenter’s tools. So how does one make a drop? What are the tools required? Read on for more information.

The Tools Required

Before settling on the types of tools required, it is important to distinguish whether the table is made of wood or metal. This informs the choice of tools required to undertake the work. For our case, let us work with the wooden sewing table.

The tools required in this case are:

  • A drill.
  • Glue.
  • Jigsaw having its blade on.
  • Wood screws and
  • A sander
Do not forget to put on protective gear whenever you are dealing with tools and wood. It saves you a lot of trouble because of things such as splinters.

Step By Step Guideline

On the table, mark out where you will build the drop

Carefully identify that point on the table where you will create the table. Place the top of the machine on the table and make an outline of it too. Make some drawings by the use of a pencil or a marker pen. The outline should be in the shape of the sewing head of the machine. Remember to provide some little extra space when drawing the outline. This is to avoid squeezing it while fitting it into the slot on the table.

Make a hole on the table by use of a drill

Take a drill and make a hole on the marked outline. The hole should be large enough to accommodate both the jigsaw and its blade. When the hole is done, put aside the drill and work with the jigsaw blade. Cut along the marked outline being conscious of the marked outline. If you cut a hole larger than the outline, it will be difficult for the machine to fit.

It is better to cut a small hole since you can always adjust the size. Having a larger hole will be difficult to rectify since it is difficult to patch up the wood. This point requires a lot of care to be observed. At every step of cutting, please confirm to see if the machine fits. It should be able to fit including its cables. You can always adjust the cutting until it fits perfectly. Always remember to make an adjustment with a lot of care so that you avoid making holes larger than required.

Construct the base

The base is instrumental in holding the machine in position. Take the correct measurement of the machine’s high and with so as to build a stable base. Where you need the head to sink in deep, you will need to attach some wooden blocks to the table. This exercise can be done with the use of glue.

Now attach the wooden base using the glue and use the screws to fasten the relevant places. Make the attachment as firm as possible since the machine head is quite heavy. Give it sufficient time for the glue which you had used to attach the wooden blocks to dry. The glue is also used to attach the wooden base across the entire length and width of the table.

You need smooth edges

By use of sandpaper or any other element that can smoothen the table, remove those rough edges on top of the table. These edges can tear your fabric when sewing it. Such irregular shapes arise when you are cutting and drilling the hole.

Attach the machine to the drop

Since you are done with building, not attach the entire sewing machine to the table. The table should perfectly cover the bottom of the sewing head such that it should be seen as a continuation.


Making the head is not as complicated as it may seem to be. If you deploy the correct tools and the right woodwork knowledge, it won’t be difficult. It is important to make appropriate measurements before building. This will help save you the trouble of building a wrong sized drop. Give it a try.

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