How to Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

How to Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

Is the foot pedal of your sewing machine has stopped working? Maybe it needs some oiling or maintenance. With this how-to open sewing machine foot pedal troubleshooting guide, you can fix any issues in your sewing machine that involves the foot pedal.

Opening it is a bit tricky, but we will help you with this. Below are steps on opening the sewing machine pedal. But before we proceed on opening it, it is best to discuss first the different issues that might cause your sewing machine foot pedal to malfunction.

Parts of the Foot Pedal

The electronics and mechanics of a sewing machine pedal are simple. It does not have advanced elements only basic electronic parts. Here are the different parts of the sewing machine pedal and their functions:


It is a part of the foot pedal that regulates the current by modifying the resistance. With this, the output will change going to the motor. As a result, the motor will run slower or faster.

Capacitor or Condenser

This is the part where the electricity is stored and functions like a battery. You can build up this part using a soldering iron.

Mechanical Parts

The majority of the pedal is made of plastic as well as the joints which makes the pedal move up and down. Once you open your pedal, it is best to lubricate all the joints by dropping a tiny oil. Make sure the amount is not too much, a small drop or two is enough.

Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Issues and Problems

Sewing machine foot pedal internal part is not complicated as you think it is. This makes fixing them is easy. The power cord is the first thing you need to check. It should be not cracked, faulty, or frayed. In case it is, you need to replace it and discard the worn-out cord. Below are other issues that you might encounter with your foot pedal:

Foot Pedal Getting Hot

There are several reasons why the foot pedal gets hot. It is okay to get hot as long as you can still rest your foot on it. If it is too hot that you cannot operate with barefoot, taking it to the shop is the next step. If this is the case it could be a problem with the electronics inside.

Keep in mind that you should not open the sewing machine pedal by yourself. If you are not sure of what you are doing, it is a bit dangerous.

So, it is best to let the professional handle the repair, if it will not work from the tips mentioned in this article. However, if you are confident you can do it and want to open it follow the instruction below on how to do it.

Foot Pedal is Unresponsive

If your sewing machine foot pedal has this problem, you need to check the electrical parts inside as it might have a problem. The pedal could not be able to provide the correct amount of current the motor requires.

If you have some knowledge about electric parts or you know someone who does, you can do it by yourself.

Foot Pedal Sticking

Putting some lubrication on it could sometimes solve this problem. Add some oil on the spring or rivets and test if it solves the issue.

If the problem still exists, then it could be due to spring problem. The spring might have weakened or broken. Changing the spring could be the solution and it will help you get back to work fast. It is also best to check if there are bits of lint, dirt, or thread that might be clogging the spring.

For this situation, you just need to clean it out and it will be functioning at its best again. For quick fixes that don’t resolve this issue, you can contact a local serviceman to help you fix it.

Steps on How to Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

Opening a household sewing machine foot pedal is quite easy all you need is a screwdriver. But some do not have screws, you just need to slide the cover to reveal the internal parts.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the cord. On some models, you cannot remove it. In case you cannot remove the electrical cord from the pedal you need to very careful. Insert the screwdriver on the opposite side and not beside the cord as you might damage it.

If you insert the screwdriver beside the joint you gently press it outwards to open it. Do not insert the screwdriver on a part where it says Not Here, as you might break the plastic exterior case. Older cases are made of a certain type of plastic and some models are made of metal.

For a very old pedal, the risk of breaking it is high if you use a screwdriver. If the pedal has screws, you will not have a hard time opening the pedal.

Final Thoughts

Sewing machine foot pedals is an essential part that will make your machine work properly. It is also one of the parts that usually malfunction or break down fast. Proper maintenance is required to reduce issues concerning the foot pedal. Regularly lubricating it could help a lot to keep it working at its best.

However, if it needs some repair or replacement of some internal parts, you need to know how to open the sewing machine foot pedal properly. Consult your user’s manual to help you fix the issue by yourself and save some money on repairs.

If in case the simplest fix won’t resolve the issue and you find it a bit complicated for you to handle, then call an expert to do it. Sometimes, it requires only some cleaning and lubrication to make your sewing machine foot pedal work at its best again.

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