how to thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine?

Necchi is a company that originated in Italy that is known for its quality sewing machine. The company started in 1919 and since then, the brand has been known for providing the best sewing machine.

During the company’s 100th Anniversary, Toyota and Jenome own the right to the trademark name. They manufactured the now known as Necchi sewing machine.

If the instructions manual for the Necchi sewing machine is not available, you can always check online for a downloadable copy. However, some find it quite tiring to read.

To make it simpler for you, we have written this how to thread a Necchi sewing machine guide. We have made the steps easy to understand and follow.

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Different Methods on How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

There are three methods of threading your Necchi sewing machine. Below are the steps on threading:

Method #1 Threading the Top Part of the Machine

Step #1 Placing the Spool of Thread

Place the spool of thread in the front spool pin. You can find the front spool pin on the upper center of the machine close to the front. This is the part where you can find the thread guides. Position the spool of thread into the spool pin and push it until you hear it click into place. To prevent the spool from falling or throwing into the air, it has a spring-like piece.

Step #2 Insert the Thread on the Tension Disc

Bring the end of the thread over the tension disc located above the thread guides. Make sure there is a ring on the tension disc. Get the thread’s end and insert it into the ring and pull it.

Step #3 Pull the Thread

After inserting it into the loop, pull the end of the thread towards the front of the sewing machine to direct it over to your right which is the groove area. Move the thread down to the groove until you reach the bottom. You will notice that there are arrows on your machine that will direct you on which direction you will move the thread.

Step #4 Direct the Thread Back-Up and Above the Loop

If you are on the bottom of the first guide, direct the thread in the opposite direction and bring it around the bottom of the guide and on to the top. Once you reach the top of the sewing machine, direct the thread on top of the loop. The thread should form a narrow U-shape on the front part of the sewing machine.

Step #5 Bring the Thread Down into the Two Guides Close the Needle

Find the next guide and bring the thread back down it is located left of the first guide. Take the thread at the bottom of the guide and insert it into the guides found above the sewing machine needle. These two guides ensure that the thread will not get caught on the needle or any of the moving parts on your sewing machine.

Step #6 Put the Thread End into the Needle’s Eye

Bring the thread downward and Insert the end into the needle’s eye and pull several inches to make sure that it will stay inserted when you start sewing. If the thread’s end is fuzzy or frayed, cut the edge. By doing this, you can insert the thread easier. Some lick on the thread’s end or put some beeswax to stiffen it.

Method #2 Threading a Double Needle

For Necchi sewing machine with a double-needle, threading is done following these 4 steps:

Step #1 Placing the Spool of Thread on each Spool Pins

If you need to use Necchi double needle, you need to place one spool of thread on each spool pin on the top part of the sewing machine. Near the front of the machine, there is a front spool and also in the back of the machine.

Step #2 Wrap the Spool Thread

As you move towards the end of the machine, wrap the front spool on the tension disc from the right side. Then do the same thing on the other side of the disc. Insert the strands of the two spools of thread into the loop.

Step #3 Hold the Two Strands Together

After you complete wrapping each strand together in the tension disc, hold both strands together and continue with the process just like what you did on threading using a single strand of thread until you reach the needle.

Step #4 Inserting Each Strand in the Needle’s eye

Thread one strand into the eye of the needle and the other into the second eye of the needle. Pull each strands several inches away into the eyes after threading the needles. It will secure the strands in place.

If the ends of the thread are fuzzy or frayed, you can cut them to smoothen the edges and it is much easier to thread the needles.

Final Thoughts

Necchi sewing machine comes in different design but the process of threading them are the same. The method you will apply will depend on whether you are threading a single needle or double needle.

Both processes are simple and easy to understand. So, if you happen to lose the instruction manual there is no need to worry as this how to thread a Necchi sewing machine will help you step by step.

Also, for those who are thinking of buying a sewing machine make sure to follow the instruction so you will not have difficulties in threading it.

But if you are having a hard time understanding the manual, you can use this post to guide you. Choose the right type of Necchi sewing machine based on what you need to sew. If you find this guide helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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