How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine?

You have recently developed an interest in sewing. After unpacking your new sewing machine, you are worried about how to thread a needle in it? Don’t worry. Just start following the step by step instructions below, and you will safely do it.

You can begin sewing your favorite designs in no big time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Before proceeding, let’s see what prerequisites we need.How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine


As the needle is a sharp tool, you need to be careful. Threading a needle may be a bit troublesome as it has a small hole through which the leading end of the thread has to pass. So instead of getting frustrated over repeated attempts. Just make sure that before you attempt, you should have the following:

» Proper light:

Rest assured; you cannot put the thread in a needle in darkness. Don’t accept this challenge ever! So, the place where you are planning to do it should be adequately lit.

» Check needle position:

You should make sure that your needle direction is appropriate in the sewing machine. Never heard about it? Well, to explain to you, in short, the sewing needle is a bit different from the ordinary needles. It has roughly two sides.

A sewing machine needle has a little engraved part called the scarf, and it always faces the hook. If it doesn’t face the hook of the machine, then there are fair chances of its breaking. A small needle can have two ends, one sharp and pointed while the other is relatively blunt with a hole.

It is this hole through which we pass the thread. The second major feature of a sewing needle opposite to the scarf is a horizontal groove alongside which the thread travels down the needle.

So, to sum up, your scarf side of the needle should be towards the hook, and the slot should have the thread running through it.

» Fix the needle:

Make sure that your needle is correctly fixed in the needle holder hole. If you think it’s not fixed or needs to be changed before threading it, open it with the help of a needle screw and remove the old needle.

Replace it with a new one and fix it with the help of a needle screwdriver. Make sure to check its position of the scarf, as explained above.

How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine

Steps of threading a sewing machine needle:

Now after making all the prerequisites arrangements. You should gradually follow the simple steps below.

Step one:

Fixing the thread spool: Locate the spool pin of your sewing machine. Different machines have different locations for it. But it’s mostly at the top. So just put your thread spool on this almost finger long stainless-steel pin.

Once your reel is held in this spool, you should check it by rotating it counter clockwise. This loosened thread will be used to accomplish the second step.

Step two:

Travelling the thread along the travel route: Now, move this pulled out thread’s leading end across the machine top towards the opposite side. Pull it out till you approach a silver hook-like piece just above the needle.

You will pass the thread through this carefully. It travels from the back of this thread guide to the front. During all this thread setting, make sure tension in the thread is neither loose enough to make it challenging to handle and not tightened enough to break it.

Now you have to move the thread along the guidelines printed on your machine. Some machines have a simple straight down passage while others operate in a u-shape pattern. Now loop it around the tension disc.

The manual you get with your machine will help you locate its exact position. After your thread has gone down it, now you will move your thread into the take-up leveler.

Step three:

Passing thread through the take-up leveler: This leveler is a small piece of metal. It prompts out of the next thread guide. It will have a tiny hole for the thread to pass through it. This hole is usually near its top edge. Once you pass your thread through this leveler, you are ready to proceed to your next step.

Fourth step:

Pass the thread through the needle hole: After passing through the leveler and creating a horizontal elongated S-shaped pattern. You will further loosen the thread a bit more along its route carefully.

Now take the leading part of the thread and pass it through the hole. For easy access, you can put a white paper behind the needle. It helps in placing the thread more smoothly through the hole.

It is especially helpful in persons who have a bit compromised near vision. Once you pass the thread through the hole, move it along the thread groove alongside the needle. This will culminate your threading the needle in the upper part of your sewing machine.

Fifth Step:

Take out the thread from bobbin: The next step is only taking out the thread wrapped around the bobbin in the lower compartment of the machine. Once the loose end of the thread is passed to the upper part near the already threaded needle. You can move the needle level down and proceed with your sewing process.

Before proceeding on the original cloth, you should check your settings on a rough material. So, in case there are loose stitches or some other problem, you can fix it.

This practice will save your expensive clothes from experimentation. Now enjoy your different innovative designs and stitches. It will open a whole new world of creativity and self-achievement.


Once you have brought a sewing machine, the next crucial step is putting a thread in its needle. It is not as easy as it may sound. You have to follow a proper thread route, pass through take-up leveler, and finally reach the hole.

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